Reading for pleasure.

Our reading platform is designed to encourage children to read in Welsh every day and help teachers keep track of their reading progress. Find out more by scheduling a demo today!

A helping hand for teachers.

Teachers can track their learners' reading performance by viewing daily reading time, quiz scores, when they were last logged in and more. Teachers can also use our planning for individual, group and whole-class reading sessions.

An exciting and inclusive library.

Authentic and diverse representation in books has significant impacts for readers.Our mission is to tackle underrepresentation with our books and reflect Wales’ society today.

Develop skilled readers.

Use our classroom-proven reading approach, Sgiliau’r Ddraig, to help develop strong comprehension skills. Use the read-to-me button to help develop fluency and expression.

Managing a class couldn’t be easier

Upload your class, create your groups and begin assigning books for your learners to enjoy.

We are here for you.

We want to work closely with schools in Wales to ensure that our website is the best it can be. Want to see a book about a certain topic? Want us to add a certain functionality to the website? We’ll do whatever we can to ensure the product meets your needs.

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